Joke's on you if you go to 'Super Troopers'

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The race for 2002's unfunniest comedy is already crowded, and it's only mid-February. Happy New Year, everyone. Step carefully at the multiplexes.

"Super Troopers," written by and starring the five-man comedy team Broken Lizard, is the staggeringly amateurish tale of five Vermont state troopers who are all, you know, just really funny guys, and who have all kinds of hilarious adventures.


Perhaps some of this, like the maple-syrup chugging and the sex games with bananas and the delousing scene (ugh), sounded funny on paper. Perhaps Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter, who makes an unexpected cameo, thought this would be an amusing career jump-start. And perhaps director Jay Chandrasekhar, who allows numerous scenes to end with pointless, sloppy melees — as if he couldn't think of anything else to do with the actors — has a good movie in him, somewhere.

But overall, it's kind of sad that so many people put so much time and energy into this turkey (including actor Brian Cox, who was splendid in "L.I.E." but alternates here between overplaying and looking embarrassed). "Super Troopers" might have made a funny five-minute comedy sketch, but as a feature film, it's DOA.

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"Super Troopers"

With Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter, Erik Stolhanske, Brian Cox, Marisa Coughlan. Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar, from a screenplay by Chandrasekhar, Heffernan, Lemme, Soter and Stolhanske. 100 minutes. Rated R for language, sexual content, and drug use. Several theaters.