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Jimmy Shane

Boat: U-1

Owner: Ted Porter

Home port: Decatur, Ind.

Hometown: Havre de Grace, Md.

Age: 21 Victories: 1

Race outlook: Shane, who made his name in inboards, made his unlimited racing debut last week in the Tri-Cities taking over for Mike Allen, who suffered a hand injury in two flips.

Jimmy King

Boat: U-3 Hoss Mortgage Investors II

Owner: Ed Cooper

Home port: Evansville, Ind.

Hometown: Richmond, Mich.

Age: 46 Victories: 0

Race outlook: The lone piston-powered boat left is a contender when it's running well, but has finished only one final.

Jeff Bernard

Boat: U-5

Owner: Ted Porter

Home port: Decatur, Ind.

Hometown: Gig Harbor

Age: 22 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Bernard is in his third year on the circuit. He replaced veteran Mike Weber in this boat a year ago.

Steve David

Boat: U-6 Oh Boy! Oberto

Owner: Citizens of Madison, Ind.

Home port: Madison, Ind.

Hometown: Lighthouse, Fla.

Age: 53 Victories: 5

Race outlook: The ever-classy David says he finally has a boat that will let him consistently compete with the big boys.

Chris Bertram

Boat: U-9 Miss Tri Arc Electric

Owner: Mike and Lori Jones

Hone port: Seattle

Hometown: Eatonville

Age: 35 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Bertram, a rookie a year ago, will be making his fourth unlimited start. His best finish is sixth last week.

David Bryant

Boat: U-10 Hoss Mortgage Investors

Owner: Kim Gregory

Home port: Las Vegas

Hometown: Mesa, Ariz.

Age: 42 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Bryant is one of four rookies this year and has been the most competitive of the bunch, finishing third in the Tri-Cities and fifth in Evansville, Ind.

J. Michael Kelly

Boat: U-13 Spirit of Detroit

Owner: Dave Bartush

Home port: Detroit

Hometown: Puyallup

Age: 28 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Kelly is regarded as one of the better young drivers and has done a solid job this season of getting his boat into every final, with two third-place finishes.

Dave Villwock

Boat: U-16 Miss Elstrom Elam Plus

Owner: Erick Ellstrom

Home port: Ballard

Hometown: Auburn

Age: 51 Victories: 55

Race outlook: The undisputed favorite, having won the past four races, and nine of 15 since taking over as driver of the Elam midway through the 2005 season.

Nate Brown

Boat: U-17 Miss Red Dot

Owners: Nate Brown and the Our Gang Racing Team

Home port: Preston

Hometown: Preston

Age: 48 Victories: 5

Race outlook: This should be the debut race for a team led by veteran driver Brown that decided six months ago to build a hydroplane from scratch.

Brian Perkins

Boat: U-21 The Plumbing Joint

Owners: Jeffrey Michael Johnson/Kevin Aylesworth

Home port: San Diego

Hometown: San Diego

Age: 22 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Both boat and driver made their debuts in the Tri-Cities as the team built a new hull.

Ken Muscatel

Boat: U-25 Superior Racing

Owner: Ken Muscatel

Home port: Seattle

Hometown: Seattle

Age: 58 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Good-guy vet thought about retiring after last season, but once again decided to get back in the sport, buying one of Jim Harvey's old boats, the former T-Plus.

Jean Theoret

Boat: U-37 Miss Beacon Plumbing

Owner: Billy and Jane Schumacher

Home port: Seattle

Hometown: Maple Grove, Quebec

Age: 45 Victories: 5

Race outlook: Might be the biggest threat to the Elam, as Beacon seems to run better on rough water-courses like Lake Washington, and has won Seafair each of the past two years.

David Williams

Boat: U-48 Miss Lakeridge Paving

Owners: Greg O'Farrell/Jon Cheetham

Home port: Maple Valley

Hometown: Renton

Age: 50 Victories: 0

Race outlook: Williams is a longtime fan who is the director of the Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum in Kent and has parlayed that into fulfilling a dream of driving an unlimited.

Greg Hopp

Boat: U-100

Owner: Fred Leland

Home port: Kirkland

Hometown: Snohomish

Age: 39 Victories: 0

Race outlook: The Hopp-Leland team has been together since 1999 and while Hopp has yet to win, he's usually right there.

-- Bob Condotta

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