She could be that little black dress' best friend

Someday, when I have loads of money — which will be never — I will hire someone to live in my closet and be my personal stylist. I will feed them through a slot in the door, like Paris Hilton for the three minutes she was in jail. Kidding. Sort of.

In the meantime, I'm always looking for good people like Mayna Sgaramella of Closet Fly (425-922-0876,, who will do the next best thing. For $200, she'll spend quality time in your closet — no snacks necessary — evaluating, organizing and coordinating outfits using clothes you already have. She will hug your new favorite black linen espadrilles and make you get rid of 48 of your 50 black tank tops. She will teach you to tuck rolled-up magazines into your boots to hold their shape.

Wardrobe consulting is nothing new, but that doesn't make it any less relevant.

"When your closet is clean, your life feels simpler," Sgaramella says. "It's not a service you do for one day. It's something that lasts, because everyone has to get dressed, every day."

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