Recipe: Yaksik (Sweet Rice with Nuts & Jujubes)

10 to 12 servings

2 cups Korean or Japanese type sweet glutinous rice*, soaked overnight in cold water then rinsed and drained

1 packed cup brown sugar

2 cups water

2 teaspoons soy sauce

¼ cup pine nuts

1 can (13-ounces) chestnuts in syrup, drained

3 tablespoons raisins

15 dried red dates (Korean jujubes)*, rinsed and drained

1. Put soaked rice in rice cooker. In a medium bowl, mix brown sugar and water until sugar is completely dissolved. Add to rice cooker. Add soy sauce, pine nuts, chestnuts, raisins and dates to rice but do not stir in.

2. Close rice cooker and cook rice according to manufacturer's instructions. When rice has finished cooking, let sit on the "keep warm" setting for at least 10 minutes before serving.

3. The finished rice will have a slightly crusty layer on the bottom; serve some of this layer as well as the softer rice and goodies with each serving. (Be sure to remind your guests that the dates have seeds!)

*Available from Korean grocers and supermarkets with well-stocked Asian food sections.

Adapted from a recipe by Heejung Kim