Rant and Rave!

Sock it to me! This week, disrespect came in many forms. For some it was smoke in the face, beer in the face, you name it. Don't let it get you down. Demand a little R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

— Jessica Figueroa, news assistant

"A boisterous and vehement rant to the wannabe Hells Angel who threw an entire pitcher of beer on us at the H&H Tavern in Issaquah last week. And another rant to the bar, who not only did not kick him out, they didn't even clean up the mess or provide us with napkins so that we could wipe the beer out of our eyes.""A rave to the soccer coach from Seattle Pacific University who lent both my friend and me his coat to keep our babies dry when we were caught in a downpour. Our little girls stayed warm and protected from the elements and emerged unscathed. Your kindness, along with the barista in Peet's who brought us towels to dry off and the Peet's patron who carried our coffee drinks to us, reminded us why we love living in Seattle — the kindest people in the world!" "This is the biggest possible rant to the woman smoking on the front end of the Anacortes to Orcas ferry on a recent Saturday. Despite the recorded message about where to smoke and plain old common sense, she went to the front, and lit up. The entire passenger cabin reeked because of her. I went up there and told her to put it out, but she ignored me. After that, I was too busy with an asthma attack to find a deckhand to force the issue. If smokers only realized they are responsible for other people's reactions to smoke, they might have more consideration. I won't hold my breath. But then again, I might have to." "We attended a showing of 'Miss Saigon' at the 5th Avenue Theatre. I had recently broken my ankle and was using a walker. It was a very long walk to the elevator, and seeing my dismay a very nice usher got me a wheelchair. And what a chair! He arrived with a chair used on stage in "Something Happened on the Way to the Forum." With cushions covered in gold lamé fabric, trimmed in gold fringe and sporting Roman shields for wheel covers, I arrived at my seat in high style. After the show, he appeared right on time and wheeled me down to the street, where he waited with me for my ride, chatting with lots of tidbits about the show. I had been apprehensive about attending, but his kindness gave me a great evening. Wish I had his name!"

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