Lelavision, "Physical Music"

The term "musical circus" perfectly describes this show, which combines imaginative and eye-catching musical objects with inventive and funny choreography. Ela Lamblin, sculptor/musician, joins dancer/gymnast Leah Mann in a very physical show that has the duo climbing into, onto and around the interactive musical sculptures.

There's a huge boatlike contraption that makes several kinds of sounds, especially deep low tones that vibrate throughout the whole theater. There's a pair of ribbed metal spheres with a "slice" taken out, into which the performers disappear — and which emit the most delightful array of percussive noises. A huge metal cone, strung on two sides with strings, is struck and bowed to create haunting melodies as the players spin on it and eventually disappear inside.

Combining elements of mime, new music, sculpture and the Flying Wallendas, the show also has Lamblin and Mann leaping about the stage on bungee cords while they whack an array of suspended drums and cymbals. (Don't try any of these at home!)

The show is suitable for all ages, but lots of "oohs" were coming from the enthralled younger kids, whose attention never seemed to wander from the stage.

Melinda Bargreen