Fluffy pillows, comforters are close at hand

If you own a sewing machine and want to enjoy even more savings on your home-decorating projects, there's at least one good local source for designer-quality pillow forms.

Pacific Coast Feather, which supplies many of the nation's department stores with pillows and comforters, operates an outlet store just south of downtown Seattle.

According to manager Ginger Leos, Pacific Coast's outlet attracts home-sewing enthusiasts and interior designers alike in search of down, feather and poly-fill pillows. "We have over-runs, which means we made more than the retailer ordered; factory seconds, which may have a slight mistake; and samples, which means there may only have been one made up for the corporate office."

Leos has a steady stream of regulars who drop by the outlet in search of a rare find, like 26-inch square, down Euro-style pillows, which sell for $30. If you have a few yards of velvet or tapestry and can sew it into a square cover for the down pillow, then you've instantly saved hundreds of dollars off designer prices. Add some fringe or tassels, and the pillow has even more style.

On a recent visit, Leos stocked hard-to-find cylindrical bolster pillows for $7 each. The feather-filled forms measure 6 by 14 inches and are ideal for decorative accent pillows.

Customers should check the label to determine the content of pillows, comforters and other goods (such as pet cushions). The products include poly-fill, feather (95 percent feather, 5 percent down) and down (100 percent).

Debra Prinzing, Special to The Seattle Times


Pacific Coast Feather outlet store: 1964 Fourth Ave. S., Seattle; 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Mondays-Fridays, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturdays (closed on holidays and Sundays); 206-624-2034 or www.pacificcoast.com.