Trash ads from friends of the GOP

There isn't a mop big enough to clean the sludge seeping into the increasingly nasty campaign for Washington governor.

The Building Industry Association of Washington, which supports Republican candidate Dino Rossi, bought $500,000 worth of air time to peddle ads that are lies and distortions. The ads feature different colors of paint splattering on bewildered voters, then up pops the visage of Attorney General Christine Gregoire, a Democratic candidate for governor, and the words "Fought Against Open Primaries."

Not true.

The BIAW wants voters to blame Gregoire for the unpopular new primary, perhaps so voters will elect Ron Sims, who might be easier for Rossi to beat in November.

Gregoire is not to blame for the new primary system. Over and over again, leaders of both major political parties, Republican Party Chairman Chris Vance and Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt, pressed to change the primary. Over and over again, Vance and Berendt insisted on limiting voter choices in the primary. Gregoire and her attorneys defended the primary system.

Ads blaming Gregoire are made-up nonsense.

In an effort to defend itself, BIAW later said in a press release that Gregoire appointed junior flunkies to defend Washington's primary. Gregoire appointed three attorneys who collectively have more than 40 years of experience. No flunkies.

Rossi should run on his own strengths. BIAW is wrong to mislead voters. Voters should not fall for such cynical campaign shenanigans.