Seahawks' Jerramy Stevens sentenced for probation violation

Seahawks tight end Jerramy Stevens will serve five days in a King County jail and perform 40 hours of community service for violation of his court-enforced probation, a Seattle Municipal Court judge ordered this morning.

Judge Theresa B. Doyle sentenced Stevens in connection with the probation violation, which occurred on April 3 when Stevens was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Medina near Bellevue. Stevens, 23, was originally placed on probation after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of hit-and-run and property damage from a May 2001 incident in which he crashed into a Northgate retirement home.

Assistant city attorney Kirk Davis recommended a 10-day jail sentence, citing Stevens’ guilty plea on the charge of reckless driving three days ago in Kirkland Municipal Court. That hearing was regarding the April 3 incident, and Stevens is scheduled to be sentenced for reckless driving on June 23.

“He needs to be woken up,” Davis told Doyle as Stevens listened quietly in the courtroom.

Jon Fox, Stevens’ lawyer, was surprised by the city’s recommended sentence and called for one day of jail time because of Stevens’ timely participation in alcohol education and information programs.

Stevens then addressed Doyle.

“I am very sorry for violating your probation,” said Stevens, who was given two years’ probation, a 90-day suspended jail sentence and 240 hours of community service for the hit-and-run incident. “I will comply with whatever you have me do.

Doyle told Stevens of her recollection of the last time Stevens was in a municipal courtroom, when members of Stevens’ vouched for him.

“I’m disappointed to see you back here,” Doyle said. “What I’m faced with…is how to deter you from doing this again. What would work for you?”

“I would put that in your hands,” Stevens said. “I do realize it was poor judgment and I put myself at the mercy of the court.”

Doyle, after reviewing the police report from the April 3 incident - in which police stopped Steven in his Land Rover and found two open bottles of champagne inside - said the city’s recommendation was “reasonable.” She gave Stevens 10 days of jail, five of those converted to eight-hour days of community service.

“It sounds like your prior experience with community service (at Seattle’s New Hope Community Church) was good for you,” Doyle said, then recommended Stevens perform the service on the Eastside.

Stevens has 60 days to complete his community service.

Fox, in trying to reduce Stevens’ penalty, told the court how Stevens has completed an alcohol and driving information class and that he is seeing a counselor. Fox also said that Stevens has taken three random urinalysis tests, administered by the NFL, and results have been negative for alcohol in his system.

“Any failure of any one of these will cost Mr. Stevens dearly,” Fox said. “While he has some growing up to do, he’s doing it very quickly.”

Stevens left the courthouse without speaking to reporters yesterday, and Fox declined comment until after the reckless driving sentencing later this month.