Sonics' Forte arrested on gun, drug charges

Further eroding his rocky relationship with the Sonics, guard Joseph Forte was arrested on drug and gun charges after he was stopped for speeding Thursday afternoon.

Forte, 22, was pulled over for speeding down Interstate 95 in Harford County, Md.

Police said they clocked Forte going 90 in a 65-mph zone. When a state trooper approached Forte's vehicle, he said he smelled burning marijuana.

Upon search of the vehicle, police said they found several small plastic containers holding 20.6 grams of marijuana, along with a .22-caliber pistol and a pistol magazine under a seat.

Forte was unavailable for comment. A July 10 trial date was scheduled.

The Sonics also had no comment. Coach Nate McMillan is on vacation, general manager Rick Sund is scouting in Europe and team president Wally Walker is out of town.

The arrest is the latest in a growing list of problems the Sonics have had with Forte this season.

Acquired in a five-player trade from Boston for Vin Baker and Shammond Williams, Forte made more headlines for his off-court behavior than for his playing.

First he refused to be placed on the injured list with a bogus injury and went public with the decision, bringing light to the injury sham.

Then, after the Sonics lost to the Michael Jordan-led Washington Wizards in March, Forte celebrated the victory of his fellow North Carolina alumni. The action spurred a scuffle between Forte, who is 6 feet 4, and teammate Jerome James, a 7-1 center.

Forte was suspended for one game for the verbal altercation and said he would take his case to the players union. He later claimed he forgot.

Lastly, fans booed Forte when he entered the Sonics' season closer last week. He played 86 minutes in 17 games this season, averaging 1.4 points.

Forte has a $1.1 million contract with the Sonics for next season but isn't expected to return. The staff hasn't made any decisions about any of its players' future.