TV briefs: Poor Robin: Saving dogs puts Burt Ward in deep doo-doo

Former "Batman" actor Burt Ward, who played sidekick Robin on the '60s TV show, has been ordered by local authorities to clean up his dog poop.

Officials told Ward, 56, to fix the runoff from his Great Dane Rescue Center in Norco, Calif., which is polluting a local stream, or face fines and possible closure.

The former superhero second banana has offered to install a septic tank.

Ward said local residents were "unfairly attacking (me) because of my notoriety."

More for your Lifetime

Cable's Lifetime channel plans to add an additional night of original programming, on Saturdays, with two new scripted series that will be launched in August.

The hourlong shows haven't been selected yet, but the network aimed at women is looking at pilots starring Gloria Reuben, Sharon Lawrence, Joely Fisher, Julie Warner and Adrian Pasdar.