TV briefs: Post-Super Bowl 'Alias' features Ethan Hawke

Post-Super Bowl 'Alias' features Ethan Hawke

The episode of "Alias" scheduled to air Jan. 26 after the Super Bowl (KOMO) will feature Oscar nominee Ethan Hawke in a guest role.

The network had announced in November that Hawke, who earned his Oscar nod for "Training Day," would make an appearance on the series but didn't specify when.

Rather than wait until February sweeps for his episode, the network decided to go with the high-profile slot on Super Bowl night.

Hawke will play a CIA agent whose undercover mission is compromised. Sydney (Jennifer Garner), her father, Jack (Victor Garber), and her CIA handler Vaughn (Michael Vartan) plan a rescue, but they discover evidence that points to Hawke's character possibly being a double agent.

Also, Sydney's friends Will (Bradley Cooper) and Francie (Merrin Dungey) begin to have romantic feelings for one another.

Klugman does guest role

Jack Klugman (TV's first "forensic" expert on "Quincy," 1976-83) will guest-star on CBS' "Presidio Med" on a special time and night: 8 p.m. Jan. 24 (KIRO).

Klugman plays an Orthodox Jew who refuses to permit the hospital to do an autopsy on his son because of religious interdictions.