Gesture gives soccer peace a chance

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The AS Roma soccer team plans to turn the other cheek tonight and play Beatles songs as a pregame tribute to George Harrison when Liverpool comes to Rome for a Champions League match, the La Gazzetta dello Sport daily reports.

"All You Need Is Love" wasn't among the musical fare last season, when fights broke out in Rome, resulting in the stabbing of Liverpool fans. When the teams met again in England, Liverpool ousted AS Roma from Cup play, then ruffled some feathers by treating them to a postgame serenade — of "Arrivederci Roma."

Couching his options

Shaun Alexander, who broke the Seahawks' record with a 266-yard rushing game against the Raiders, says running back is the least likely position he thought he'd wind up playing.

"I started playing at a very young age," he told Fox Sports Net. "My brother and some friends talked me into playing. ... I am the biggest couch potato, eating Doritos, drinking soda. ... They would tell me to play and I would say no."


"Because there is too much running."

Pass the moonshine

Do us a favor, Brett, and tell us why Favre isn't pronounced like favor.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback, who grew up in Mississippi, had to audible on that one.

"I have no idea," he told the Dallas Morning News. "I asked my dad. He has no idea. I asked my grandfather, a full-blooded Choctaw Indian, a long time ago, and he said as far back as he can remember it was that way.

"There weren't a whole lot of Favres, but there were some. Some spelled it Favre and others Farve. I don't know.

"Somewhere along the line someone probably was on a little moonshine and wrote it down wrong."

In need of Robin Hood

If perennial power Manchester United is the New York Yankees of soccer, then financially challenged Nottingham Forest is the sport's Jenny Craig.

Forest is losing 105,000 pounds a week.

Suddenly honored

When Krys Kolanos of the Phoenix Coyotes says he never dreamed he'd win the NHL Rookie of the Month Award for November, there's a good reason.

"It's a surprise because I didn't know they had the award," said the 20-year-old Kolanos. "But it's an honor to win it."

Getting old fast

Ty Tryon not only became the youngest golfer, at 17, to qualify for the PGA Tour, but it sounds like he knows his Roth IRAs.

"Everybody used to say that golfers peak when they are 35," Tryon told AP. "I might be retired at 35."

— Dwight Perry, The Seattle Times