George W. Bush

George W. Bush

Surely this must be some colossal joke, a pre-Halloween prank

Editor, The Times:

Your endorsement of George W. Bush (Sunday) stirred my soul and broke my heart ("George W. Bush for president," Times endorsements, Oct. 22).

Surely, this must be some colossal joke played as a pre-Halloween prank on some uninformed reader. Did your common sense get lost somewhere in the land of Oz? This is the proud and informed state of Washington, where people can think for themselves.

What if some registered voter reads your Sunday editorial and doesn't recognize the masquerade you presented today as untrue? They might even vote for G.W., thinking your editorial ploy was political fact.

Please recant and disavow your witch's brew before Election Day. Not even a bright red Washington apple can conceal the poison you just held out for us to bite on! Happy Halloween to you, too!

Dwight Schrag, Bellevue

Challenged to make sense

I had to try hard to finish the three pieces on the Oct. 22 editorial page and I hope others read them carefully. The editor was challenged to make sense of the decision while holding a contrary view.

I support Vice President Al Gore on the same issues: integrity and civility, taxes and trade.

The editorial board's decision, based on consistency and "a persistent call for change, for integrity and civility, for more limited government," can only make sense by ignoring the details. It may be much like explaining an editorial board's decision: mention the reasons and then make something up.

I choose Gore for his ability to balance issues without ignoring details, while Bush exaggerates differences by clouding both issues and facts merely to look decisive and consistent.

Roger Larson, Bellevue

Imperfect, but honest

My sincere gratitude and thanks for those who prevailed in endorsing George W. Bush for president. For the sake of this great country, and our precious young people, we need a man in the White House with integrity.

We've had eight years with a president who lied--we are tired of not being able to believe what our president tells us, and wondering whether his actions are for political reasons, or whether they're for the good of this country.

Our young people must know that it's not OK for a known liar to be elected to the highest office in the land. They need a better role model.

If Bush is elected, we will have an imperfect but honest president, one who cares more about people than a legacy. Marlene Bryce, Lynnwood

No advantage over Gore

I am deeply distressed by your paper's endorsement of George W. Bush on the basis of his "integrity and civility." Having followed this campaign closely for many months, I find no evidence that Bush holds any advantage over Al Gore in this regard.

The governor has repeatedly relied on character attacks as a centerpiece of his campaign, and has diverted attention from the real issues that will affect our lives over the next four years.

Had you based your endorsement on Bush's stands on the issues, I still would have disagreed, but I would have considered it an honest difference of opinion.

However, you appear to have based your choice on an illusion of campaign rhetoric and style. I consider that a serious lack of judgment and a misuse of your paper's powerful public voice.

Jeffrey Lee, Seattle

Critical thinking lost

The Times' decision to endorse Bush has shattered the notion that we do still think critically and clearly here in Seattle, or to be more exact, within the elite of The Seattle Times editorial board.

According to Frank Blethen, "this election is about vision, character, philosophy of government and background of the candidates." If the wealth, comfort and power of the elite in this country is perceived as safe in the hands of a Texan with no remarkable educational, business or leadership background (except the ability to raise really big bucks), then I guess they're going to sidle right up alongside the G.W. feed trough.

But for the majority of us, we still need to take a deep look at Bush's background. You won't find it in The Times or commercial media. They've been bought and paid for.

You'll find it in a nifty little book called "Shrub" by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose. Here you can get a glimpse of just what George can do for you. Read it, for heaven's sake.

Mike Benson, Lynnwood

Comes down to estate tax

The Times' endorsement of George Bush was as flaccid and unconvincing as Bush's explanations of his own policies.

Not an artificial man? He has no serious life experience that would lead anyone to think that he has any empathy whatsoever for the challenges of everyday life. But he is shallow and slow-witted, so I guess that makes up for it.

Understands the "dynamics of taxes"? Now we're getting somewhere. The Times is clearly not bothered by tax proposals that would "reduce" the tax burden of the wealthy. But Bush is for repealing the estate tax, a position that, in a world where "the publisher's side wins," trumps all. And your editorial didn't even have the courage to mention it.

The estate tax is what it always comes down to at The Times. But please don't insult our intelligence with talk of integrity when you don't display it yourself.

Paul Goode, Redmond

Makes me sick

The fact that The Seattle Times endorsed George W. Bush for president of the United States makes me sick.

Mitch Germaine, Seattle

Times should know better

Shame on The Seattle Times for endorsing G.W. Bush! Y'all should know better, and I'm sure plenty of you actually do.

The time has come for me to subscribe to a real paper like the New York Times, get my local news from other sources and occasionally read your paper on the Web--for free.

Keep up the good work with It's a great no-cost resource for all of us out here who think your paper ain't worth the paper it's printed on.

James Kirchmer, Seattle