Police asked how they feel about bosses, job satisfaction


A new employee survey is asking Kirkland police officers to share their feelings about their bosses, co-workers, equipment and job satisfaction.

The survey is an attempt to better understand the unhappiness some officers report between the rank and file and the Kirkland Police Department's top brass.

The department began distributing the questionnaire Monday. It expects them to be returned within three weeks.

Police Chief Pleas Green said the survey is the type used by any professional organization and is not tailored to police departments. The Kirkland department has 92 uniformed and civilian employees.

Green has been under fire the past several weeks from the Kirkland Police Officers Guild, which filed more than 70 complaints with the state Public Employment Relations Commission. The union accuses Green of violating the city-guild labor agreement.

The guild also doesn't endorse the new survey. "It's a waste of resources and money," said guild attorney Jim Cline. "We already know officers are not satisfied."

Next Wednesday, the city will begin interviewing five consultants, who will submit proposals on how to address issues covered in the survey.

Regardless of the survey and consultants, Cline said, the guild still wants Green fired.

"It's a ruptured relationship, and we don't see any alternatives," he said.

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