Seattle Vs. Tacoma In Charity Bacon Bowl

Officers, put down your doughnuts.

The 21st annual "Bacon Bowl," the charity football match pitting Seattle police against officers from Tacoma, is this weekend.

The Seattle Police Department "Badgers" and Tacoma Police Department "Hogs" scrimmaged at the Kingdome last night for Saturday's game, also at the Kingdome.

The contest's name is humorous - a nod to the derisive "pig" so often tossed at police - but the competition is fierce. And the cause is good: Bacon Bowl has raised nearly $2 million for local children's charities, becoming one of the biggest charity football matches in the nation and drawing thousands of fans each year.

Kickoff time is 5 p.m.; tickets are $10, or $25 for a family of four. A victory dance following the game also costs $10. Tickets can be purchased at the door.