Last Hurrahs

A list of baseball "lasts" in Kingdome history (yesterday, unless otherwise indicated):

Last hit: Single by David Bell, 8th inning Last out: Rusty Greer, fly out to left field Last single: David Bell, 8th inning off Dan Pattersn Last double: John Mabry, 8th inning off Patterson Last triple: Brian Hunter, 7th inning off Aaron Sele Last home run: Ken Griffey Jr., 1st inning, off Sele Last RBI: Edgar Martinez, 3rd inning, off Sele Last run scored: David Bell, 4th inning Last pitch: By Jose Mesa to Rusty Greer, strike Last win: Freddy Garcia Last loss: Sele Last save: Jose Mesa Last walk: Mark McLemore, 9th inning Last balk: Garcia, April 7 against Chicago Last error: Texas' John Shave, 8th inning, ground-ball boot Last intentional walk: Griffey Jr., 7th inning Last grand slam: Butch Huskey, May 17 vs. Minnesota Last cycle: Jay Buhner, June 23, 1993 vs. Oakland Last stolen base: Griffey Jr., 7th inning Last outfield assist: Griffey Jr., June 13 vs. San Francisco Last strikeout: Griffey Jr., 8th inning, swinging Last double play: 6-4-3, Alex Rodriguez to Bell to David Segui, 9th inning Last great catch: Griffey Jr., over CF wall in 4th inning to rob Juan Gonzalez of 3-run HR Last hit batsman: Dan Wilson, June 25, 5th inning Last wild pitch: Jose Mesa, June 25, 9th inning Last ejection: Edgar Martinez, 7th inning, for arguing balls and strikes Last streaker: Man wearing fuzzy jockstrap ran onto field, 7th inning, 0-2 count on Martinez Last passed ball: Tom Lampkin, June 12, 1st inning vs. San Francisco Last hat trick: Under hat No. 1 Last hydro race winner: Yellow boat Last sellout: yesterday, 56,530 Last complete game: Toronto's Roger Clemens, Aug. 20, 1998, 7-0 Last shutout: Seattle over Minnesota, May 19, 7-0 Last HR into LF second deck: Ivan Rodriguez, April 13 Last HR into RF third deck: David Segui, April 13 off Texas' Mike Morgan Last inside-the-park HR: Dan Wilson, May 3, 1998 off Detroit's Frank Castillo Last visitor's HR ball tossed back onto field: Greer's first-inning shot, from RF lower deck Last playoff game: Oct. 2, 1997, Baltimore over Seattle, 9-3