They Said It

"Today was when it really sunk in - we aren't going to be back here. Everyone's been talking all week, even packing for the move. But it doesn't strike you until the last day that this is it. We've had a lot of fun in this stadium, so many great players have been in here. Most of the memories of my career are here." Edgar Martinez, Mariner DH

"I'm excited, but a little sad. This is the place an entire generation of Seattle baseball fans grew up in the majors. Sometimes change is the best thing." Alvin Davis, "Mr. Mariner"

"You better believe I'll miss the Kingdome. I remember Game 4 of the '95 Division Series. Edgar (Martinez) homered. I was sitting in right field. I started running down the aisle, slapping high fives and giving hugs. By the time I stopped, I was in the left-field bleachers." Cole Parsons, Seattle

"I won't miss it. I'm here just to see the Kingdome go." Kevin Krueger, Olympia

"I will be missing the Kingdome on those days it's nice and cold outside, but there's a lot to be said for baseball being played outside." Kevin Parsons, Lynnwood

"In a way I'm sad. It's history. It has been fun, but it will be nice to go to an outdoor game." Scott Brookshire, Kent

"I like the Kingdome because of the architecture and the novelty of the dome itself. I wanted to be at the last game. It's an American thing to do, go to the first or last of something." Sue Harmon, Seattle

"There isn't a thing I will miss about the Kingdome. Baseball fans want to see baseball outside even if it is cold outside." Bob Bass, Woodinville

"I can't wait to see it blown up." Wallace Hargrave, Seattle

"I liked the weather inside the Kingdome." Doris Garton, Edmonds

"Considering the price of the other one I am a little sad to see it go. But baseball should be played outside." Kevin Riley, Marysville

"I just want everybody to do a farewell wave. I love the sound when everybody is real excited and it's all kept indoors." Pat Van Trojen, Chimacum

"They say Seattle has the bluest skies you'll ever see. We should get to enjoy them during a baseball game." Boyd Joyce, Burlington

"The worst thing is losing out on a beautiful, sunny day to go inside and watch baseball." Sharlene Reams, Dupont

"Will I miss the Kingdome? Not really - not when you look at the new stadium we've got over there." Dan Story, Ridgefield

"I'm more interested in what the football stadium will look like. Talk to me in two years." Arvid Eggen, Bellingham