Stone's Power Rankings

1. Cleveland (1) "RBI" now stands for Ramirez Brings 'em In . 2. Atlanta (2) Who'd ever guess Mike would be most effective Maddux?. 3. Yankees (3) Things are looking up: Torre back, Fossas isn't. 4. Houston (4) Somehow managed to overcome loss of Eric Anthony. 5. Boston (11) Sorry, Red Sox fans, but first place is a temporary residence. 6. San Francisco (5) Benard: Most successful Marvin since Miller. 7. Mets (6) A legend is born: Benny Agbayani. 8. Arizona (8) Remember, Jerome Walton hit in 30 straight, too. 9. Texas (9) Mariners hoping the Zimmerman karma is passed along. 10. Cubs (19) Aggie to the rescue. 11. Philadelphia (10) Schilling throwing verbal chin music at Phillies' brass. 12. St. Louis (13) Sequel to Driving Miss Daisy: Walking Mr. McGwire. 13. Los Angeles (7) Glenn Hoffman could have done this well. 14. Oakland (14) A's mulling Kenny Rogers' future: Hold 'em or fold 'em?. 15. Toronto (15) Rookie Billy Koch hit 101 mph on speed gun. 16. Tampa Bay (20) Canseco's probably hit 101 on a few speed guns himself. 17. Kansas City (21) Riding Carloses (Beltran, Febles) to respectability. 18. Cincinnati (27) Reds love to see Casey at the bat. 19. White Sox (12) Ramirez can list James Baldwin as a reference on his resume. 20. Seattle (23) Woody now looking for a reliever on E.Bay. 21. Pittsburgh (18) Instead of pre-game stretch . . . tae bo!. 22. Anaheim (17) Where's Albie Pearson when you need him?. 23. Milwaukee (26) Hideo Nomo: Fastest career fade since Andrew Dice

Clay. 24. Colorado (16) The Rockies' season peaked in Mexico. 25. San Diego (24) Wasting away again in Margaritaville. 26. Baltimore (24) Latest plan: Modell buys Indians, moves them to Baltimore. 27. Detroit (25) Must have a gratuitous Star Wars reference this week. 28. Minnesota (28) Mientkiewicz and Pierzynski, and pray for a dictionary. 29. Montreal (29) Check out their new website: 30. Florida (30) Loneliest job in America: Marlins' closer.