Camp Fire Vs. Girl Scouts -- We Are On The Same Side - The Side Of The Children

I am the parent of a Camp Fire youth who is disappointed that each year during our candy sale we run into people who state that they do not support Camp Fire because their daughters are in Girl Scouts.

I don't think that families who belong to one youth organization should consider a different youth organization to be "the enemy," adversary or rival. If anything, we should be allies.

Camp Fire and Girl Scouts are both dedicated to the development and well-being of children. We should attempt to support each other.

I do buy Girl Scout cookies every year but, in all fairness, must admit that there are probably Camp Fire families out there who don't. I should also mention that I know that some Girl Scout families do buy Camp Fire candy. But there have been several instances ranging from politely declining due to being in Girl Scouts to rudely interrupting my daughter with the proclamation "We are Girl Scouts!" and walking away. The behavior of those adults in the latter category is a difficult thing to explain to my 8-year-old.

What are we teaching our children when parents from different youth organizations act like "enemies"?

We are on the same side - the side of the children.

Lisa Kidwell