Adult Clothes May Be Linked To Missing Girl

TACOMA - Adult clothing that may be connected to the disappearance of Teekah Lewis, 2, has been found in a vacant lot within blocks of the bowling alley where she was last seen nearly a week ago, police said.

Two bloodhounds led police to the South Tacoma site Saturday night, shortly after the girl disappeared, but the lot was covered with heavy brush and at that time nothing was found.

Police returned to the site Tuesday, cut all the brush away and found a pair of Docker-style pants, a plaid shirt and a peacoat, Tacoma police spokesman Jim Mattheis said. While it was not readily apparent how the clothing might be connected to the disappearance, if at all, police are hoping it could provide a clue to the toddler's whereabouts.

In another development, Mattheis said police took Teekah's mother, Theresa English, to stores yesterday to find clothing similar to the outfit the toddler was wearing when she disappeared from the New Frontier Entertainment Center. The clothes are to familiarize police with what the items actually look like.

Teekah was wearing a green shirt with the Tweety Bird cartoon character on it, white sweat pants and black-and-white Nike Air Jordan tennis shoes. She carried a clear plastic purse with a fish design and shoulder strap.

Mattheis said the 27-year-old mother of five also was given a second polygraph test to "tie up any loose ends," and another relative took a polygraph as well.

According to Mattheis, English and her family members are not considered suspects but have not been positively ruled out.