Overnight-Guest Restrictions Sought

SEATTLE - An attempt to control crime and keep tenants safe is behind a Seattle Housing Authority proposal to restrict overnight guests in some locations, officials say.

"As a landlord, we have the responsibility to provide a safe living environment," said Leslie Demich, SHA spokeswoman. ". . . . We're not interested in their personal lives."

The proposal, which would require tenants to identify overnight guests, is aimed at SHA locations such as the downtown Morrison Hotel where crime is a continuing concern, Demich said. The Morrison on Third Avenue is in a high-crime area and has trouble with nonresidents dealing drugs and prostitution, she said.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the proposal restricts the constitutional rights of privacy and freedom of association.

"If they (the board) do adopt the policy and we get complaints, I do believe we will look at them carefully and challenge them in court," said Julya Hampton, legal-program director for ACLU of