Teacher's Union -- Schools Are Training Idiots To Become Drain On Our Society

It's obvious that if some foreign entity were to conspire to dumb down our children as today's teachers union is doing (the NEA), it would be an act of war. So why do these teacher union thugs get a pass from our wrath?

As our modern-day government run school system pumps out raving failures year after year, public apathy seems to keep pace with the same ignorance fostered by government school incompetence.

This new NEA SS guard is taking over the public schools, and are opting to teach our children the rudiments of their faulty strain of collectivism which has as its goal "equal outcome" (a.k.a. outcome-based education) as opposed to equal opportunity.

Instead of teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, these incompetent NEA-trained teachers are instead teaching our kids how to install a latex condom onto a banana.

While laying claim to a "values neutral" school system, they are indoctrinating our children with various strains of humanistic thinking, as well as incorporating ancient pagan beliefs about nature.

Is it any wonder that our schools are 28th in the world right now (according to the newest statistics).

The new crop of idiots who are coming into the work force are utterly ill-equipped for a lifetime of work.

The drain these fools will put on our society will be enormous. Could it be that this was the plan all along? I believe so.

Mark Odekirk