Legend: OH - outside hitter; MH - middle hitter; S - setter; DS - defensive specialist; AA - all-around.


Coach - Mark Carlsen, first year.

1995 division record - 9-3 (first); qualified for state tournament.

Top returning players - Jamie Eken, MH, 5-8, sr.; Cecilia Manyari, DS, 5-1, sr.; Katie Riley, MH, 5-6, jr.; Elizabeth Hagen, OH, 5-5, jr.; Michelle Banoan, DS, 5-3, jr.

Key newcomers - Nicole Lund, S, 5-5, jr.; Tracy Hagen, OH, 5-5, jr.; Cassi Riley, S, 5-3, fresh.

Outlook - With the loss of their two biggest hitters, the Wolves must rely more on their defense this season. But Carlsen, the assistant coach last season, believes they could make another run for state, despite their lack of height.


Coach - Marv Yost, 13th year.

1995 division record - 2-11 (tied for fourth).

Top returning players - Tiffany Brown, OH, 5-7, sr.; Maygen McGrew, S, 5-7, sr.; Angie Robertson, MH, 6-0, sr.; Jennifer Brucker, MH, 5-11, sr.; Vanessa Antin, OH/DS, 5-5, sr.; Jennie Tran, OH, 5-5, sr.; Michelle Kitahara, 5-3, OH, DS, jr.

Key newcomers - Sally Allwardt, OH, 5-9, sr.; Melissa Pace, S, 5-5, jr.; Monica George, OH, 5-5, jr.; Maura Pate, DS/OH, 5-5, jr.

Outlook - Yost expects gradual improvement from the Highlanders, who have more experience and height than in the past. Concentration is a must, along with consistency in passing.


Coach - Mike Todd, second year.

1995 division record - 10-3 (second), qualified for district tournament.

Top returning players - Katharine Engler, OH, 5-10, sr.; Melisa Heider, OH, 5-5, sr.; Patty Leonard, OH, 5-9, sr.; Angie Low, DS, 5-0 sr.; Megan Pinter, MH, 6-2, sr.

Key newcomers - Laura Valpey, DS, 5-4, sr.; Alex Roncancio, S, 5-4, jr.; Jamie McClain, MH, 5-9, jr.

Outlook - Todd calls Roncancio one of the best setters he's coached in a while, and she has some big hitters to feed as the Pirates feature a tall front line. Hitting intelligently will be a key, along with staying healthy, since depth is a concern.


Coach - Tom Muckerheide, 12th year.

1995 division record - 13-0 (first); placed second at state tournament.

Top returning players - Nohe Ka, MH, 5-9, sr.; Keely McDowell, MH, 5-11, sr.; Kristi Heffron, DS, 5-6, sr.; Celeste Quitiquit, S, 5-5, jr.

Key newcomers - Erin Dawson, OH, 5-7, sr.; Amanda Lanning, MH, 6-0, sr.; Laura Aurelio, OH, 5-7, jr.; Connie Kissler, OH, 5-9, jr.; Jamie Amodei, S, 5-7, soph.

Outlook - Muckerheide believes he has all of the pieces necessary to build another powerhouse team. The key is fitting them into the proper places - particularly at right- and left-side hitter. Ka and Quitiquit are two of the best in the league.


Coach - Kim McManus, 10th year.

1995 division record - 4-9 (fourth).

Top returning players - Heidi Brough, MH, 5-8, sr.; Laura Grice, OH, 5-7, sr.; Mindy Harris, OH, 5-5, sr.; Darina Rowe, MH/OH, 5-9, sr.; Trina Brook, MH/OH, 5-8, soph.

Key newcomers - Marissa Vinup, OH, 5-7, sr.; Jane Prince, OH, 5-7, jr.; Jessica Broz, MH, 5-9, soph.; Monique Gagner, S, 5-3, soph.; Shaya Orendorff, OH, 5-8, soph.

Outlook - McManus has her biggest turnout in 10 years - nearly 40 players - and consequently expects depth to be among the team's strengths. The Patriots lack height, but have some powerful hitters. Defense and serving will be the keys.


Coach - Rafael Munoz, sixth year.

1995 division record - 8-5 (second); qualified for district tournament.

Top returning players - Heather Briggs, OH, 5-6, sr.; Sam Ching, DS, 5-5, sr.; Neeva Fender, OH, 5-6, sr.; Aleana Headrick, S, 5-6, sr.; Brianne Phillips, DS/S, 5-5, sr.; Kristi Gundlach, MH, 5-7, jr.

Key newcomers - Kemo Savage, OH/S, 5-6, jr.; Danielle Wiebe, MH, 5-7, jr.; Angela Warns, OH, 5-6, soph.

Outlook - With three returning starters, the Eagles are looking for a return trip to the district tournament. They lack height, but most of the players have been in the program for four years. Look for a scrappy team that tries to wear down taller opponents.

Mount Rainier

Coach - Dawn Waggoner, fifth year.

1995 division record - 9-4 (third); qualified for district tournament.

Top returning players - Kathy Bouska, MH, 5-11, sr.; Teresa DeDonato, OH. 5-9, sr.; Liz Bishop, S, 5-8, soph.; Courtney Schilz, MH/OH, 6-0, soph.; Jamie Orth, MH/OH, 6-0, soph.

Key newcomers - Emily Martinson, DS, 5-4, sr.; Megan King, OH, 5-6, jr.; Kim Knopke, OH, 5-6, jr.; Carissa Baker, OH, 5-7, jr.; Desiree Wilson, OH, 5-8, jr.; Lindsay Pruitt, OH/DS, 5-5, soph.

Outlook - Early-season injuries could mean a slow start for the tall Rams, but watch out for a fast finish. Four starters return from last year's team, and it's still a young club with only three seniors. Waggoner says the key will be relentless pursuit on defense and pin-point passing on offense.

Mount Si

Coach - Sherrie Brown, fifth year.

1995 division record - 6-7 (third); qualified for district tournament.

Top returning players - Katrina Riley, OH, 5-10, sr.; Karen Boers, S/DS, 5-6, sr.; Darci Perry, OH/DS, 5-4, sr.; Jen Schumacher, MH, 5-10, jr.; Kimberly Larson, OH, 5-9, jr.; Jodie Peterson, OH, 5-7, jr.; Nikke Knowles, DS, 5-3, jr.; Carrie Gross, MY, 5-11, jr.

Key newcomers - Pamela Lovely, OH, 5-11, sr.

Outlook - The Wildcats have a half-dozen hitters who can bury the ball - if they get good passes. After a rebuilding season in 1995, they're favored to win the Mountain Division this fall.


Coach - Molly Schelbert, second year.

1995 division record - 1-12 (fifth).

Top returning players - Debbie Meldrum, MH, 5-8, sr.; Angela Thompson, OH, 5-5, sr.; Diane Mount, S, 5-5, jr.; Trina Fujii, DS, 5-2, jr.

Key newcomers - Toya Slack, OH, 5-10, sr.; Traci Irish, MH, 5-8, sr.; Rosa Ebalo, DS, 5-5, jr.; Mykhanh Tran, DS, 5-4, soph.

Outlook - Renton exhibited signs of growth last season, winning one match after going 0-13 the year before, and Schelbert expects even more this season. However, the rebuilding is still in process. Look for more offense, especially as confidence increases.


Coach - Janette Gambriel, fifth year.

1995 division record - 2-11 (tied for fourth).

Top returning players - Carol Yi, S, 5-5, sr.; Trena Sebring, S, 5-4, sr.; Jolene Diermeyer, MH, 5-7, soph.

Key newcomers - Danielle Betourne, OH, 5-4, sr.; Becky Lauer, OH, 5-3, sr.; Jena Restad, MH, 5-7, sr.; Leslie Strelow, MH, 5-8, jr.; Tiffany Schultz, OH, 5-4, soph.; Val Milsted, OH, 5-4, soph.

Outlook - The Totems face another challenging year with a lack of experience and height. Gambriel is focusing on the basics - serving, passing and defense. The players are quick learners, though, and should show steady improvement.