Dennis Rodman's N.Y. Wedding Turns Out To Be One For The Book

NEW YORK - The bride did not make it to the bookstore on time.

Nor did he blush.

But he sure should have.

For one thing, it seems the story Dennis Rodman had been putting out - that he was to be married yesterday - was nothing more than a publicity lure to promote a book-signing for his autobiography, "Bad As I Wanna Be." For another, is there a bride anywhere less entitled to wear white than Rodman is?

Nevertheless, when Rodman arrived at Barnes & Noble an hour late, the Chicago Bulls star was enveloped in a white bridal gown. He also wore long, silk gloves, and his veil was held in place by a relatively discreet rhinestone comb, but the look wasn't totally demure. Rodman allowed his tattoos to peek through at the shoulder.

Inside the store, Rodman flirted with reporters' questions as to whether he intended to marry later in the day.

His self-described agent, Kevin Menley, said: "It may not be that he is getting married to a single person, but rather that he's marrying his fans or wedding the city of New York."

Thanks, Dennis, but we're taken.