Dupont Gives Tax Break To Intel Corp. For New Plant

DUPONT, Pierce County - The city of DuPont has joined the state in giving a tax break to Intel Corp., whose research-and-manufacturing complex here will increase the local population tenfold.

The city's decision to reduce its business-and-occupation tax could save Intel $150,000 to $412,000 a year.

City officials said they had little choice but to approve the tax break after Intel announced plans to build here.

"That's what was implied to me," City Councilman Ray Miller said. "If they didn't get the break, they were going to walk."

Intel also is eligible for a state sales-tax break of about $22.6 million on its planned $286 million facility.

The state last month also gave DuPont a $500,000 grant to improve its water system, a necessity to accommodate the 6,000 to 7,900 people expected to work at Intel.