A Sampling Of Artists, In Their Places

If you're looking for one-of-a-kind items this holiday season, you might want to check out Seattle Sampling.

Visit the homes and studios of forty local artisans, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. today and tomorrow. Unique items, ranging from Christmas ornaments to clothing to sculptural fountains, in a wide price range, will be sold. A tour map is available at Northlake Potters, 3815 Fifth Ave. N.E. For more information, call 517-0712.

The following artists are participating in the tour:

-- Salty Dog Studios (Kathryn Berd, Greg Federighi, Mary Robinson, Raymond Serrano, Ernest Hilsenberg): pottery, cups and bowls, platters, tiles, outdoor sculpture; 4602 14th Ave. N.W. -- Bazaz Studio/Kelly Cook (Joan Bazaz, Kelly Cook): enameled glass, jewelry, hand-blown glass, hand-dyed paper, wall pieces; 4604 14th Ave. N.W. -- Paul Lewing, Ruth Ashley Lewing, Gay Jensen, Nora Smids: tiles, collage, sculpture, jewelry; 4315 Burke Ave. N. -- Northlake Potters (Loren Lukens and James Brooke): pottery, tableware, porcelain, stoneware; 3815 Fifth Ave. N.E. -- Rose Studio Enamelworks (Patrick Strosahl, Judith Strosahl, Coral Shaffer): cloisonne enamels, jewelry, wall plaques, switch plates; 1022 N.E. 68th St. -- Susan Snover: terra cotta and porcelain dishes, lanterns, picture frames, jewelry, hand weaving; 6818 54th Ave. N.E. -- Colleen Quinn, Ginger Kelly, Carol Schreitmueller, Robert Rigg: clay and glass, jewelry, glass vases, ornaments; 1430 Elliott Ave. W.

-- BEPPA, Judith Starbuck (Rebecca Edwards, Gretchen Girvin, Judith Starbuck): clothing, vintage buttons, jewelry and gift items; 505 N.W. 65th St. -- Maggie Manning-Hood, Ursula Dodge: ornaments, herb vinegars, original tiles; 3528 Bagley Ave. N. -- Rainbow Studios (DeeDee Rainbow, Lauren Kearns, Famous Melissa, Margaret Swanson-Vance, Loretta Werner): sculpture, clothing, porcelain tableware, jewelry, glass; 1704 36th Ave. -- Conrow Porcelain Studio (Ginny Conrow, Kate Beck, Sandy Thatcher, Lisa Krober): porcelain, stoneware, dried flowers, clothing; 1429 34th Ave. -- Reid Ozaki, Linda Ito, Richard Mahaffey, Lynn Tauscher: stoneware, paper sculpture, jewelry; 2329 Rainier Ave. S. -- Paddy McNeely, Nirmal Kaur: porcelain, lanterns, birdbaths, handmade bears; 2617 S. Hinds. -- Barry Namm, Sharon Boardway, Su Job, Frank Fabens: sculptural fountains, picture frames, jewelry, textiles, porcelain tableware and lighting; 619 Western Ave. -- Kallen Clay Studio (Kathryn Allen, Dana Carlson, Tobie Stevens): stoneware, silver and gold designs, metal works and furniture; 1431 34th Ave.