Seattle Star Paper Carrier

I read with interest in the Pacific Magazine, Sept. 24, 1995, the "Now and Then" article about the Seattle Star newspaper. I carried the Star from 1930 through 1934 on Queen Anne Hill. You could buy the Star at newsstands for two cents. There was no Sunday newspaper printed. Home delivery was six days a week, and for the month 50 cents.

The Scripps-Howard home was on Queen Anne Hill. The home is still there on one entire square block. When I delivered to the home I was told to knock and wait till someone came. It was either the butler or maid, and I gave the paper to them.

The building of the Union Record still stands at the southwest corner of Second Avenue and Virginia, going south on Second Avenue. Way back when, you could look down and see the presses running through the windows. The windows are still there.

I see things are history - gone and soon forgotten. James E. Walker