Charting The Mariners


1. Tom Paciorek's game-winning home runs at the Kingdome against the Yankees on back-to-back nights in 1981, including Bat Night.

2. Ken Griffey Jr.'s home run, immediately following one by his father, off California's Kirk McCaskill, Sept. 14, 1990 - the first time in baseball a father and son had hit homers in the same game.

3. Lenny Randle on hands and knees blowing Amos Otis' infield roller foul in 1981.

4. Gaylord Perry's 300th victory, a 7-3 complete-game win over New York at the Kingdome, May 6, 1982.

5. Willie Horton's speaker-wire double that would have been his 300th home run on June 5, 1979 (he hit No. 300 the next night).

6. Funny Nose and Glasses Night.

7. Maury Wills in 1981 getting caught having instructed a groundskeeper to enlarge the Kingdome batter's box. Wills was trying to accommodate Tom Paciorek's tendency to stride too far forward. (Wills was fired later that season).

8. Perpetual crick in Danny Meyer's neck.

9. Bruce Bochte's RBI single in the 1979 All-Star Game in Seattle.

10. Randy Johnson's three-hitter in 9-1 victory over California Angels in a one-game playoff, Oct. 2, 1995, to give the Mariners their first American League West pennant.


-- "Patience is for losers."

-- "The Mendoza line."

-- "Lefebvre Believer."

-- "Juuuuuliooooo! Juuuuuliooooo!"

-- "Playing Hardball."

-- "Anything Can Happen."

-- "See It Happen."

-- "Playing for Keeps."

-- "Rooop! Rooop! Rooop!"

-- "My oh my!"

15 MARINER NICKNAMES (full names below)

1. Cuffs.

2. The Tall Arkansan.

3. Choo Choo.

4. Wimpy.

5. Sarge.

6. Ace.

7. Scrap Iron.

8. Bells.

9. Pee Wee.

10. The Ancient Mariner.

11. Hendu.

12. Rainbow.

13. Zelmo.

14. Hac Man and/or Penitentiary Face.

15. Stormin' Gorman.


1. Ken Phelps to the Yankees for Jay Buhner, pitcher Rick Balabon and a player to be named later (pitcher Troy Evers), July 21, 1988.

2. Mark Langston and player to be named later (Mike Campbell) to Montreal for Randy Johnson, Brian Holman and Gene Harris, May 25, 1989.

3. Player to be named later (pitcher Jim Blueberg) to Yankees for third-baseman Mike Blowers, May 17, 1991.

4. Tony Bernazard to Cleveland for second baseman Jack Perconte and outfielder Gorman Thomas, Dec. 7, 1983.


1. Pitchers Bill Swift, Mike Jackson and Dave Burba to San Francisco for outfielder Kevin Mitchell and pitcher Mike Remlinger, Dec. 11, 1991.

2. Outfielder Dave Henderson and shortstop Spike Owen to Boston for Rey Quinones, Mike Brown, Mike Trujillo and player to be named later (outfielder John Christensen), Aug. 17, 1986.

3. Player to be named later (pitcher Bud Black) to Kansas City for infielder Manny Castillo, Oct. 24, 1981.

4. Outfielder Danny Tartabull and pitcher Rick Luecken to Kansas City for pitcher Scott Bankhead, pitcher Steve Shields and outfielder Mike Kingery, Dec. 10, 1986.


1. Name the one-time Mariner catcher who once worked as a bodyguard for Tina Turner.

2. What former Mariner pitcher gave up Carl Yastrzemski's 3,000th hit?

3. Name the former Mariner pitching coach who listed among his hobbies, "training my pet parrott, Lucy."

4. The Seattle Pilots' first draft choice ever later played three seasons for the Mariners. Who was that?

5. What was Spike Owen's real first name?

6. Name the former Mariner catcher who was missing one finger on his right (throwing) hand.

7. How many Mariners have collected 200 hits in a season?

8. How many M's pitchers have won 20 games in a season?

9. The Mariners have had one batting champion (Edgar Martinez twice), one home run champion (Ken Griffey Jr. in '94) and one AL Rookie of the Year (Alvin Davis in '84) - but have had three different players named Comeback Player of the Year by The Sporting News. Name them.

10. Name Dave Niehaus' first radio broadcast partner.


Hit -- Jose Baez, 4/6/77 vs. California.

Run -- Dave Collins, 4/8/77 vs. California.

RBI -- Dan Meyer, 4/8/77 vs. California.

Home run -- Juan Bernhardt, 4/10/77 off California's Frank Tanana.

Player acquired -- Dave Johnson, P (purchased from Baltimore).

Expansion draft pick -- Ruppert Jones, OF, from Kansas City.

June draft pick -- Dave Henderson, OF, Dos Palos (Calif.) HS.

Win -- 7-6 vs. California, 4/8/77.

Winning season -- 1991 (83-79).

No-hitter -- Randy Johnson, June 2, 1990 vs. Detroit (2-0).


1. Bill Caudill (rhp, 1982-83).

2. Glenn Abbott (rhp, '77-81, '83).

3. Al Chambers (of, '83-85).

4. Tom Paciorek (of, '78-81).

5. Gary Matthews (dh, '87).

6. Al Cowens (of, '82-86).

7. Bob Stinson (c, '77-80).

8. Paul Mirabella (lhp, '84-86).

9. Greg Briley (of, '88-92).

10. Diego Segui (rhp, '77, M's first opening-day starter and only Mariner to play for Seattle Pilots) and Gaylord Perry (rhp, '82-83).

11. Dave Henderson (of, '81-86).

12. Steve Trout (lhp, '88-89).

13. Jim Beattie (rhp, '80-86; now the team's director of player development).

14. Jeffrey Leonard (of, '89-90).

15. Gorman Thomas (of, '84-86).


1. Lance Parrish (with M's in 1992).

2. Jim Beattie (while pitching for the Yankees in '79).

3. Billy Connors.

4. Gorman Thomas.

5. Spike.

6. Dan Firova.

7. None (M's record: 192 by Phil Bradley in 1985).

8. None (record: 19 by Mark Langston in '87, Randy Johnson in '93).

9. Willie Horton in '79, Richie Zisk in '81 and Thomas in '85.

10. Ken Wilson.