Courtney's In Another Row, This Time At Lollapalooza

EPHRATA, Wash. - Rock singer Courtney Love was ordered Wednesday to appear in court to respond to allegations she punched a member of another band in the face onstage at the inaugural Lollapalooza 95 concert, authorities said.

Love, lead singer for the band Hole, has not been arrested and will not be if she appears at the Aug. 14 arraignment in Grant County District Court in Ephrata, about 135 miles east of Seattle, deputy court clerk Teresa Bushey said.

Kathleen Hanna of the Olympia-based band Bikini Kill told investigators that Love punched her in the face when she was onstage during the July 4 concert, Grant County sheriff's detective David Matney said yesterday.

Matney declined to give details about the alleged assault, but said three eyewitnesses had given statements to authorities. A criminal citation - similar to a traffic ticket - for investigation of fourth-degree assault was mailed to Love's Seattle address, he said.

A copy of the citation was forwarded to prosecutors and the district court, and the arraignment was set yesterday.

If Love chooses to have an attorney represent her, the Aug. 14 arraignment will be canceled and a pre-trial hearing will be set for a later date, Bushey said.

Love's L.A. publicist, Kevin Campbell, did not immediately return a phone call for comment yesterday. Bikini Kill played the first two Lollapalooza dates near George, Grant County, and in Vancouver, B.C., but had not been scheduled to

continue with the tour beyond that, the Lollapalooza office in Burbank, Calif., said.

Hanna filed the report with Ellensburg police after the concert, which was held in an outdoor amphitheater on the Columbia River. Police forwarded the report to the sheriff's office.

Hole was in the lineup with several other bands at the all-day Lollapalooza show.

Love is the widow of rock superstar Kurt Cobain, former singer and guitarist for the group Nirvana. Cobain killed himself in April 1994.

Since his death, Love has been the focus of several incidents involving drugs and unruly behavior.

Most recently, she was hospitalized overnight in June in Seattle for an accidental prescription-drug overdose. In March, a teenager accused Love of punching him during a concert he attended in Orlando, Fla.

In January, she pleaded guilty in Australia to a charge of swearing at an flight attendant who asked her take her feet down from a jetliner's wall.