Ct Improvements Assist Disabled

Community Transit (CT) has added 30 new low-floor coaches to its fleet of buses, improving the agency's service to the disabled.

The new buses, which "kneel" and are equipped with wheelchair ramps, will be used to expand local service as well as to replace some aging vehicles. A "kneeling" bus is capable of lowering its front end, bringing its bottom step close to the curb.

CT also has changed 37 of its 57 routes. Those changes include:

-- Route 210 has been modified to serve the Canyon Park area.

-- Route 140 serving Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds Community College has doubled bus service to half-hour intervals during weekday peak hours.

-- Route 160 to Mill Creek, Mays Pond, Lynnwood and Alderwood Mall has doubled weekday service, operating at half-hour intervals all day.

-- Route 170, serving Mukilteo, Harbour Pointe, Alderwood Mall and Lynnwood has doubled weekday peak-hour service, with buses every half hour.

For other changes, call CT at 353-RIDE (7433).