Marguerite Simpson Thomas To Appear On `20/20' Tomorrow

ABC's Barbara Walters has landed his first wife, Marquerite Simpson Thomas, for an exclusive interview to air tomorrow on "20/20" at 10 p.m. on KOMO-TV.

The interview, taped Tuesday in Los Angeles, is Thomas' first since her ex was arrested in June, according to ABC. She discusses the charges against O.J., whether he physically abused her during their 12-year marriage, her feelings about Nicole Brown Simpson, and her relationship with O.J. since they divorced in 1979.

Thomas appears with her husband, Anthony, and her two children with O.J., Arnelle and Jason.

Walters will also interview Lawrence Schiller, co-author with O.J. of a new book, "I Want to Tell You." Schiller can also be seen on "Larry King Live," at 6 p.m. tomorrow on CNN.