Council Votes To Name Prostitutes' `Johns'

SEATTLE - The lone holdout on an anti-prostitution resolution adopted by the Seattle City Council yesterday said he voted against the measure because he favors legalizing the world's oldest profession.

From all the evidence Councilman Tom Weeks has seen, regulating and taxing prostitution would provide more "health and safety to the citizens, and particularly now with HIV being spread often through prostitution," he said after the vote.

Adopted 8-1, the resolution directs that Seattle Municipal Court officials disclose names of "johns" - those convicted of patronizing prostitutes. It provides that the list of names be made available to the news media or other interested parties on a monthly basis.

The measure, pushed by Councilwoman Margaret Pageler, also calls for posting signs - in neighborhoods that request them - warning anyone caught and convicted of patronizing a prostitute of the city's name-disclosure policy.

In opposing the resolution, Weeks said he was voting his conscience. "I think this is a waste of city time, energy and money, and that we could deal with the problem more effectively otherwise," he said.