Seen, Heard, Said

Bad feelings: -- Katie Couric's nanny, Nancy Poznek, says she got dumped from her $700-a-week job after tattling to Katie that hubby was badmouthing her behind her back. Nanny Nancy - whose former clients include Diana Ross and Mick Jagger - says Mr. Couric, er, Jay Monahan, a lawyer, is jealous of Katie's fame and salary. Nanny Nancy also says Katie refused to give her severance pay or a reference. Katie says N.N. "was fired with cause," but won't say what the cause was. -- The feud between Richard Gere and Sly Stallone continues to simmer. As we told you, Richard had accused Sly of dating Cindy. (A moot point now that Richard and Cindy are history.) Sly said Richard was delusional. Now a London tab quotes Gere on Sly: "How women date this guy I don't know. He's such an (naughty word goes here). As he says, `Oh, yeah, we are at dis party and with Lady Di and, you know, Gere and I were both trying to cruise her.' . . . He's such a lowlife." -- We told you Jean-Claude Van Damme is being divorced by Wife No. 4, Darcy. Well he's gone back to No. 3, Gladys. Jean-Claude says Darcy "is very jealous. I always kept in touch with Gladys and our kids, and Darcy never handled that well."

Burt and Loni have finally come to a settlement in court over child support for their son Quinton. (Loni's lawyer had disputed Burt's claim he's $2 million in debt and needs a reduction of his monthly $15,000 payment to $7,000.) Yesterday Burt agreed to pay an undisclosed amount. And although the exes reportedly barely made eye contact in the courtroom on Monday, yesterday Burt planted a peck on Loni's cheek in the parking lot as they were leaving. Burt's statement: "This saga is over. Let's put it to bed. I'm very happy we were able to sell papers for a year." Kung fooey: David Carradine got arrested for kicking in a glass door at Toronto's Skydome stadium before last weekend's Rolling Stones concert. A dome spokesman says, "His side of the story was that he was worried about getting swarmed by people who recognized him so he wanted to get into the building." OK. Grasshopper was charged with mischief and released; he is scheduled to appear in court Jan. 5. And remember Dudley Moore and Nicole Rothschild? She called the cops and said he was beating her? Then she said it was a misunderstanding? Then they got married. But they live in separate houses - she with her kids and their father? Well, the Moores are with child, due in April. So they must be spending some time together. They must. - Janine Dallas Steffan