The Number 72 Figured Prominently For Them

Once upon a time, having been in Seattle only two weeks and coming from Minnesota, I was taken by a friend to an informal dance at the Woman's Century Club on Capitol Hill. It was Nov. 16, 1946.

Of course, "mixers" were in order, and just between us, the number 72 will never be forgotten. You see, each guest was given a cut-out Man In The Moon name tag with a number on the back. You had to find the fellow with the matching number on the back of his tag. My number was 72, and would you believe, that fellow with the matching 72 was from Minnesota, too? His name was Stanley.

Six weeks later, on New Year's Day 1947, we became engaged. On March 15, 1947, at 8 p.m. at Northminster Presbyterian Church in Ballard, we were married and then set off on a glorious sunny honeymoon to San Francisco.

Now, 47 years later and four wonderful children, we certainly know that the number 72 will always be special to both of us. - Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Heggen