Seen, Heard, Said

Oprah Winfrey went to a screening of "Interview With the Vampire" to prep for her upcoming interview with the vampire-player, Tom Cruise, but she walked out on the film after 10 minutes. She couldn't stand the violence, gore and "evil" she perceived in it. USA Today reports it took a prayer circle in the lobby of the theater to help Oprah know whether to cancel her show with him. She decided to give Tom the option of not doing the show (to air Nov. 4) since she wasn't going to endorse the film. She said, "I believe there are forces of light and darkness in the world, and I don't want to be a contributor to the force of darkness." But Tom went ahead, telling Oprah "It's not a movie for everybody."

Well it looks like the new baseball series "Hardball" has gone the way of the bigs: Fox has canceled it.

Couples stuff:

-- Michael Landon's widow, Cindy, and her personal trainer Nick Soderblom are playing house in a $9,000-a-month villa in the South of France. She inherited $50 million from the actor, so apparently she can afford the digs. Oh, you thought she was engaged to acupuncturist Mark Holmes? Well, the wedding's off.

-- Janice Dickinson is taking her mind off Sly Stallone with Ron Galotti, publisher of Vanity Fair.

-- Roseanne, for the moment still Mrs. Arnold, is making noises about marrying bodyguard Ben Thomas. This is the guy Rosie told the world in August is "a real man." She's also wearing a new ring. We don't know about tattoos.

And while we're on the subject, NBC reportedly has offered Rosie a chance to do live commentary during its Halloween night telecast of the movie "Roseanne & Tom: A Hollywood Marriage." You're right; this has never been done before. The Hollywood Reporter says that Rosie likes the idea, and "details are being worked out." The theory is that at spots interspersed throughout the film, she could comment, rebut or maybe even offer a primal scream.