Man Who Is Charged In Alaska Killing Arrested In Everett

- A man who authorities say built and touched off the bomb that killed a Wasilla man last year has been arrested in Everett.

The Alaska State Troopers said 58-year-old Ronald Earl Geiger was arrested yesterday.

Geiger was being held on $500,000 bail as a fugitive from justice, said a booking officer at the Snohomish County Jail.

He is charged with first-degree murder in the death of 50-year-old Robert "Hank" Dawson. Geiger is accused of being paid by James Wheeler, 62, to build and detonate the bomb that killed Dawson.

Dawson was blown up in his pickup the morning of Oct. 18. The explosion occurred just inside the gates of the Alaska National Guard armory in Wasilla where he was headed for work.

About six weeks later, a grand jury indicted Wheeler on murder charges.

According to papers filed with the court, Wheeler hired someone to plant a bomb in Dawson's pickup because he was in love with Dawson's wife, Terri, and he couldn't bear the thought of the couple being together.

Wheeler lived across the street from the couple.

Several of Wheeler's friends confirmed his romantic interests in Terri Dawson.

Investigators have said they were led to Wheeler shortly after Dawson's death when several of his friends called police suggesting Wheeler was involved.

Troopers said Wheeler never identified whom he allegedly hired to plant the bomb.

Investigators have said repeatedly that they were uncertain whether Wheeler really did hire someone or whether he did the job himself.

Troopers have said the explosive was detonated by a radio-activated device, but what sort of explosive and what kind of device were used they have yet to say.

According to people who know Geiger, he left Alaska about 10 years ago with his wife and three children but had recently returned.

Until about 1984, he lived in a homestead near the Long Rifle Lodge on the Glenn Highway, selling gold claims, said Lynne Whitmill, who owned the lodge then. He left owing people money, she said.