`Yakamas' Alter Spelling Of Tribe

TOPPENISH, Yakima County - The "i's" lost when the Yakima Tribal Council voted to change the spelling of the tribe's name to Yakama.

Citing the spelling used in the Treaty of 1855, the Yakima Indian Nation has officially changed the spelling of its name to replace the "i" in Yakima with an "a."

The tribe was referred to as the "Yakama" in the agreement signed by Isaac Stevens, the first governor of the Territory of Washington, and 14 Indian leaders who represented the various tribes and bands in the region.

The Tribal Council voted unanimously to make the change and issued a resolution Jan. 14 to notify federal, state and local governments, as well as changing the spelling on documents, emblems and flags.

Tribal Administrator Delano Saluskin did not immediately return calls.

Although spelled differently, the two words are pronounced the same, Mann said.