Seattle An Unfriendly Town? Readers Answer Mr. Geoffrey -- Seattle Dangerous For Men - Native Or Not

Editor, The Times:

As a native of South Seattle (and one of those "NATIVE" bumper-sticker bearers, which, I'm always tickled to say, was given to me by the woman who created it before you could even buy them), I feel I must respond to Alan Geoffrey's slam against Seattle.

Almost exactly one year ago, Gloria Steinem was quoted in Time magazine as saying that women wield more social power than men. That is, they set the tone of society. If this is true, then the character of Seattle reflects the prevailing attitudes of the women here. In my experience, this is true: Seattle men are just like most guys everywhere; they talk about about sports, women, cars. Soon you'll find yourself being invited over to watch the Hawks, play ball, drink beer, go fishing, do guy kinds of things. But beneath a veneer of civility, the women here are as hostile and suspicious as a fan at a rap music convention.

So, with sadness and regret, I don't chat much with women anymore. Too dangerous.

It gets worse - a growing number of my buddies agree.

Alan Geoffrey is right: Seattle "ain't that friendly a town." In fact, it's downright dangerous for men, native or not. Rod Van Mechelen