Bombing-Guilt Pleas Likely

TACOMA - Two white supremacists will plead guilty to federal charges that they used bombs in a series of "hate crimes" against blacks, Jews and gays, according to court documents.

Jeremiah Gordon Knesal, 19, says in court papers signed last month that he will plead guilty to one count of conspiring with others to violate the civil rights of Jews and blacks.

Federal prosecutors allege the Auburn man built five pipe bombs, helped blow up the Tacoma office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People on July 20 and then searched July 24 for Jewish institutions in Portland to damage.

Wayne Paul Wooten, 18, of Tacoma has signed court papers agreeing to plead guilty to bombing the Elite Tavern, a gay bar on Seattle's Capitol Hill, on July 22.

In October a third man, Mark Kowalski, 24, of Auburn pleaded guilty to bombing the Tacoma NAACP office and related charges. He could be sentenced next week or next month in federal court in