Clinton Starts Day With Jog At Green Lake

President Clinton began his day in Seattle with a brisk jog around Green Lake with old friends, stopping afterward to shake hands with onlookers before being sped away in the presidential limousine.

An advance runner jogged ahead of the president this morning and warned Green Lake regulars to keep their hands out of their pockets.

"We tried to keep up with him, but the Secret Service waved their hands at us and said, `No, no, no,' " said Donna Gogerty.

On the 8 a.m. run with Clinton were friends who now live in the Seattle area: Western Washington U.S. Attorney-nominee Kate Pflaumer, a classmate of Clinton's at Oxford University in the 1970s; Seattle attorney Bob Randolph, a Rhodes-scholar classmate of Clinton; King County Superior Court Judge Bob Alsford, a Yale Law School classmate, and Alsford's wife, Sarah.

Clinton ended his run at the southwest corner of the lake, near the shell house. He shook hands with about 50 morning walkers and runners before his motorcade headed back toward the Westin Hotel.

Reporters were told that Clinton did the run, a little less than three miles, in 22 minutes and 40 seconds.

In his address to APEC delegates and local dignitaries, Clinton mentioned the Green Lake run. "I didn't turn green, but I nearly did. It was a vigorous run," he said.