Initiative 593 -- ''Three Strikes'' Equals Life In Prison

Ballot title: Shall criminals who are convicted of "most serious offenses" on three occasions be sentenced to life in prison without parole?

What it would do:

Initiative 593, also known as Three Strikes You're Out, would amend state sentencing laws by requiring life in prison without parole upon a third conviction for any of more than 40 crimes.

The only possible reprieve would be through a petition to the governor for clemency.

The initiative, created by the conservative, Seattle-based Washington Institute for Policy Studies, would also eliminate "good time" reductions in time served for those convicted of certain offenses.

The campaign:

The initiative is backed by numerous victims-rights groups, police organizations and the Washington State Grange. Its primary source of funds has been the National Rifle Association, which has contributed nearly $90,000 of the roughly $170,000 raised.

The initiative is opposed by lawyers groups, the Washington Council on Crime & Delinquency, Washington State Catholic Conference, Washington Association of Churches and ACLU of Washington.

Pro, con statements written by each side; state Voters Pamphlet