Starbucks Co. Books Space In Barnes & Noble Chain

SEATTLE - Starbucks Coffee Co. has signed an agreement with Barnes & Noble to serve its coffee in each of the 36 existing and future cafe locations in Barnes & Noble's bookstores and also to own and operate stores with common access to the book chain's stores.

The Starbucks outlets will be managed and staffed by company employees as part of the specialty coffee company's retail operations. The first of its kind will open Saturday in Bellevue. Barnes & Noble's cafe staff in the bookstores will be trained by Starbucks' specialty sales and marketing experts.

"We're bringing Starbucks on board to provide great-tasting coffee," said Leonard Riggio, Barnes & Noble chairman. "We want to ensure that our customers enjoy a satisfying shopping experience."

Howard Schultz, Starbucks' chairman, said the new relationship "will add tremendous value to both our companies' customers."