Scholarship Endowment For Lewis & Clark

PORTLAND, Ore. - Lewis & Clark College has received a $12 million gift from Robert B. Pamplin Jr., president of R.B. Pamplin Corp. and chairman of the college's board of trustees.

The money will finance the Pamplin Society of Fellows, providing for four faculty positions and, year after year, giving seven specially chosen students in each class full scholarships and stipends of $500 each.

"This historic effort will link professors and students with proven ability and ambition," Pamplin said. "Moreover, a place in the Fellowship will be guaranteed to members of ethnic groups traditionally excluded from the advantages of mainstream America."

The Pamplin program will endow professorships in history, economics, government and science at $1.5 million each.

With seven students selected from each freshman class, a total of 21 sophomores, juniors and seniors will be involved in the program each year.