Spokane Woman Who Didn't Die Sues Channeler


A Spokane woman suing a self-described "spirit channeler" says she left her husband and job and depleted her retirement funds after being told she would die by 1990.

Betty Nunnery was acting on advice given by Ramtha, an ancient warrior spirit who gives guidance through spirit channeler J.Z. Knight of Yelm, Thurston County, the lawsuit says.

Nunnery was persuaded to "release control of her mental and emotional well-being to the entity `Ramtha,' " according to the suit.

Tacoma lawyer John Messina filed the suit this week in Thurston County Superior Court, claiming Knight engaged in an unfair trade practice.

The suit seeks compensation for Nunnery's loss of earnings from her former job, her lost future earnings, $10,000 in punitive damages and other costs.

According to the suit, Nunnery suffers from emotional and mental disability, pain, discomfort and anguish requiring medical care and treatment.

It says that in July 1985, Nunnery attended a "Ramtha event" in Phoenix, where she "was among a number of people who were put in a circle and was told by `Ramtha' that she would die before 1990."