Musical Notes - Sub

There's irony here somewhere - Alice in Chains will be doing a song for Arnold Schwarzenegger's "Last Action Hero." (That's the movie Columbia Pictures paid $400,000 to advertise on the side of a NASA rocket.)

Alice, which just returned from a European tour, heads out on a short U.S. tour in April with Circus Power and Masters of Reality, and will play Farm Aid on April 24 before heading back to Europe in May with Metallica, says manager Susan Silver. The nearest they'll come to Seattle is Salem, Ore., April 9.

-- Bass player Tim Paul is leaving Gruntruck in what is described by the band's management as an "amicable decision." He'll be replaced by Alex Sibbald, formerly of The Accused. Tom Neimeyer, Gruntruck's guitarist, once played with Sibbald in The Accused. Sibbald will join Gruntruk in April.

-- So you're new to the area but you want to look like you've been in on the Northwest music scene since Kurt Cobain was lugging amps for the Melvins? Then check out the new Sub Pop re-release of the Wipers' "Is This Real?" A seminal Portland punk band, the defunct Wipers originally released the album in 1980.

-- Watch for a give-away poster featuring Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and SuperSonics star Shawn Kemp. John Costacos is producing the poster, which he dubbed Slam and Jam.

-- The Lynyrd Skynhayd show tonight at Under the Rail has been canceled. But the club's got what should be a winner tomorrow with Paul Weller($18 and $20; 448-1900). - Geordie Wilson