Volunteer Groups To Help Evaluate County Streams


Volunteer groups plan to help King County Surface Water Management personnel evaluate six South King County streams for programs to restore and enhance native fish runs and plant life.

Teams of two to four volunteers will walk the streams from the end of this month through late March, says Alan Miller, spokesman for the Des Moines Chapter of Trout Unlimited.

Targeted streams are Seola, Salmon, Miller, Des Moines, Massey and Saltwater with possible additional efforts in the Lakota stream basin.

Assisting in the effort will be members of Trout Unlimited's Des Moines and Elliott Bay chapters, as well as members of the Highline Kiwanis Club and the Adopt-A-Stream Foundation and students from Sunnydale Elementary School.

The study results will be used as part of overall surface water control planning for the streams, and for restoration projects planned by the state Wildlife and Fisheries departments.