Farrow's Children Speak Out As Family Turmoil Continues

NEW YORK - Mia Farrow's adopted daughter told friends the actress beat her and cut her off financially after learning that she was involved with Woody Allen, a source close to the filmmaker said.

Farrow, 47, hit Soon-Yi Farrow Previn with a chair and ordered her out of the house after the young woman refused to renounce her relationship to Allen, Farrow's ex-lover, according to the source, who demanded anonymity.

New York Newsday reported today that Soon-Yi told friends her mother beat her and yelled at her in the middle of the night. The outbursts began in January when Farrow discovered nude pictures of Soon-Yi in Allen's apartment, the newspaper said.

John Springer, Farrow's spokesman, said yesterday he was unaware of any outbursts.

He said Farrow talked with her daughter Wednesday, and the actress said Soon-Yi could return home.

"Mia and Soon-Yi had a long conversation Wednesday night," Springer said. "They said they loved each other, and Mia told Soon-Yi she would always be her daughter. She told her that if at any point she felt that she wanted to come home, she would be welcomed with love."

Farrow's 17-year-old daughter Daisy Previn says Allen "betrayed" her family.

She said the filmmaker had been more of a father figure to Farrow's children than her legal father, Andre Previn, and his affair with her sister, Soon-Yi, came as a terrible shock.

"I'll never forgive him," Daisy said yesterday. "I loved him as a father. We all thought of him as a father for years."

"I think it's sort of disgusting," she said of the affair. "It was very shocking. He betrayed us."

Allen, 56, admitted this week he was having an affair with Soon-Yi, a Korean orphan adopted by Farrow and Previn, the German-born conductor.

Since Soon-Yi had no birth certificate, her age is uncertain; it has been widely reported as 21 but Daisy said she is 19.

Farrow and Allen's adopted son Moses Amadeus Farrow, 14, said Allen should be "locked up" and swore he would never allow himself to be placed in Allen's custody. He also said Allen once threatened to punch his teeth out.

Moses was "made available" by Farrow's retainers to reporters and even the nationally televised "Entertainment Tonight" show.

Meanwhile, one of Allen's lawyers, in a statement, charged that Farrow was using the children in a "media extravaganza" that only has hardened Allen's resolve to continue the custody fight in court.

Last week, Allen filed a lawsuit to gain custody of the three children he shares with Farrow: Moses and Dylan, who also is adopted, and Satchel, who is his biological child.

A hearing on the custody case is scheduled Tuesday.

Days after Allen filed the lawsuit, Connecticut state police confirmed he was being investigated, apparently over allegations that he sexually abused Dylan, 7. Farrow has a home in Connecticut.

Allen has denied molesting the girl and said through an attorney that he has taken a lie detector test proving his innocence.

Moses said his relationship with Allen was strong until the revelation that he was intimate with Soon-Yi.

"He adopted me in December, and everything was happy," Moses said. "Then when we found out he was going out with my sister Soon-Yi . . . ever since then I don't consider him my father."

He said that Soon-Yi, has "never had a boyfriend . . . I guess she never found one. Woody just took advantage of that."

Moses said that after he learned of the sexual-abuse allegation, he confronted Allen at their Connecticut home and told him: "You'd better leave now.

"He said, `You don't talk to me like that.' He even made a threat that if I don't shape up, `I'm going to punch your teeth out."'

"He's not a friend, not a father," Moses told the Daily News. "If he gets custody of Dylan and Satchel, I'm going to do anything to stop him from getting custody of me."

The Daily News reported today that Soon-Yi visited Allen's Manhattan apartment last night. The paper said the two tried to go to dinner in separate cars, but returned home with pizza when Allen saw photographers tailing his chauffeur-driven car.

The paper quoted unidentified sources as saying Soon-Yi arrived at Allen's apartment after leaving an undisclosed location in New Jersey, where she attends college.

Meanwhile, last night in Los Angeles, Allen's film "Husbands and Wives," starring him and Farrow, was screened before a media audience that seized on parallels with the stars' real lives.

Written and directed by Allen, the movie was filmed between October to January - about the time he became involved with Soon-Yi.

In the movie, Allen casts himself as an author and professor of writing whose marriage to Farrow is unfulfilling for both.

He becomes infatuated with a student, played by Juliette Lewis.

Whether audiences will be able to separate the on-screen drama from events in the headlines remains to be seen when the film opens Sept. 23.

Last night's media audience seemingly couldn't, sometimes snickering at wisecracks that struck close to recent events.