Looting, Assaults Follow Holland's 3-1 Soccer Victory


German gangs smashed windows, looted shops and assaulted Dutch fans in 12 hours of violence surrounding Holland's 3-1 victory over Germany in the European Championships in Goteborg, Sweden.

Riot police with horses and dogs repeatedly chased mobs of Germans through the center of Goteborg. The gangs dispersed and formed again, seeking openings through police lines to get at crowds of celebrating Dutchmen, but officers averted serious fighting.

Policeman Lasse Hansson said 23 were arrested, all Germans except for one Dutchman. He said charges against them included inciting riot, possession of weapons and resisting arrest.


Yugoslav-born Monica Seles has asked to be listed from Sarasota, Fla., to avoid political controversy during Wimbledon.

Seles, the top-ranked player in the world, is an ethnic Hungarian from Novi Sad in the Yugoslav republic of Serbia. She has lived in Florida since 1986 and is believed to be seeking U.S. citizenship.

-- Kitty McKane Godfree, a two-time Wimbledon champion known in England the "Queen of Wimbledon, died today, just three days before the start of this year's tournament. She was 96.


The strategy of both sides continues to emerge in the antitrust suit by eight players that could decide the future of the NFL.

As they had in the first two days of the trial, the players emphasized their lack of freedom to test their value on an open market. The owners emphasized the money they made to the all-woman jury of eight.

That was the theme as San Diego guard Dave Richards and Green Bay quarterback Don Majkowski took the stand. Majkowski and Richards are two of eight NFL players suing for free agency in an antitrust action that challenges Plan B, the system that allows each team to protect 37 players each season and allow the others to become free agents. All eight were protected in 1990, the year they filed the suit.


Gord Roberts, a defenseman on the Pittsburgh team that knocked Boston out of the Stanley Cup semifinals the past two seasons, signed a free-agent contract with the Bruins today.


Jim Valvano, 46, former North Carolina State coach who now is a television analyst, has been diagnosed with cancer, ESPN reported.

Valvano's agent, Art Kaminsky, said Valvano was given a diagnosis of cancer in his back this week but that the extent of the illness had not been determined.