Ex-Policeman Charged With Molestation -- Allegations Focus On Traffic Stop

EVERETT - A former Everett police officer who allegedly molested a 15-year-old girl during a traffic stop and offered to drop a ticket in exchange for sex is scheduled to be arraigned in two weeks in Snohomish County Superior Court.

Robert Eric Whidbey, 30, was charged yesterday with first-degree extortion and third-degree child molestation. He remains free pending his arraignment.

Whidbey was a patrol officer employed by the Everett police for 13 months until he was fired Nov. 21 for "failure to successfully complete probation," said police Chief Paul Pastor. He would not say if Whidbey's firing related to the alleged incident.

An anonymous caller tipped off Everett police about the alleged hour-long traffic stop in the 2100 block of Broadway on Oct. 23.

Whidbey allegedly pulled over a car driven by a 16-year-old Monroe girl that evening for a faulty brake light, which the driver reported had been fixed recently. With her was a 15-year-old Everett friend.

The driver was asked for her license, which she didn't have. The girl said she remembered Whidbey had followed them earlier in the evening, Deputy Prosecutor Dave Hiltner said in court papers.

Whidbey allegedly said he needed to look as if he was writing a ticket because his lieutenant would be driving by.

Whidbey then took the 15-year-old passenger to his patrol car for 20 minutes while leaving the driver in her vehicle. He allegedly said he was looking for a way to let them go and frisked the girl, putting his hands between her legs and touching her, Hiltner said.

When she questioned the frisking, the officer said he wanted it to look good for his supervisor, Hiltner said. Whidbey allegedly added, "If he says take off your clothes, take off your clothes, and if he says turn around and bend over, then you turn around and bend over. . . . And if I say you do any of that, then you do it."

When the girl asked what he meant, he allegedly responded, "Only kidding."

Hiltner said the officer later offered to let the girl go if she would have oral sex with him. Whidbey also allegedly told the driver he wouldn't impound her car if she would have sex with him.

A short time later, another police car arrived, and the 15-year-old called her aunt to pick up the car, adding that an officer was trying to bribe them for sex, Hiltner said.

Whidbey also allegedly repeated some of his statements to the aunt when she arrived. He eventually allowed everyone to leave.

When Everett police investigators contacted the two girls, they said they hadn't come forward because they feared harassment.

When sheriff's detectives talked to Whidbey, he said the girls asked if he would let them go and gave conflicting answers about the vehicle's ownership, so he frisked one, looking for weapons, Hiltner said. Whidbey allegedly admitted he accidentally might have touched her during the process.

He also allegedly admitted making several sexual comments, but added they were just figures of speech and he told the girls he was kidding.

Whidbey could not be reach for comment yesterday.

Everett police turned over the investigation to the Snohomish County sheriff's office when it appeared criminal charges could result, Pastor said.